Milwaukee Cordless Sawzall – 18V 2620-20

OK here is the low down of this saw.  We all know the Milwaukee Sawzall is Bad A**.  You want to do any demolition work, grab your Milwaukee and go to town.  Nothing will stand in its way.  I would like to say the same about the 2620-20, but I have a hard time.  Yes it still is an awesome saw and you will not be disappointed by it, but there are some things you should know.

Milwaukee still integrated some cool features of this saw like the D-handle, over molded front grip and best of all the patent gear protecting clutch.  The gear protecting clutch is awesome as it extends the life of the tool.  If you have ever used a reciprocating saw, you know how sometimes the saw jams, bounces or bangs.  Well this system protects the clutch from getting damaged.  As with the other cordless Sawzalls, this has some serious power.  The strokes per minute are 0-3200, so it does have a variable speed trigger.  Lets get into some of the downs to this Sawzall.

Here is one con I have heard people say.  Personally I don’t think this is a con, but something we should touch on.  This saw will only take Milwaukee XC batteries which are the high capacity batteries, the 3 Ah.  Milwaukee sells some drill kits that come with the compact or 1.5 Ah batteries.  These batteries will not work in the saw.  So for some who all ready owns Milwaukee tools, but only the compact batteries, be prepared to buy another battery or buy the saw in a kit.  Some people, which I understand, don’t like having to buy another battery.  You buy a tool for $100 and now have to buy a $80 battery, which you should have two.  So I do see some people who do get mad, but on Milwaukee’s site, amazon and other sites, I do see it clearly states you need the XC battery, so I do’t feel bad for the people who said they never knew this.  Personally I am happy Milwaukee only uses the 3 Ah battery.  This tool requires a lot of juice and the 1.5 Ah would just die quickly.  Then I would have to recharge the battery depleting the longevity of the battery.

OK here is what I don’t like about the saw.  I know some people could care less, but just want to bring it up.  I wish the saw’s shoe was adjustable.  While it will pivot, it does not extend.  There are a lot of applications where I wish the shoe would be longer, so I could have better control.

Alright here is the biggest things, the OLP or Overload Protection.  This is not just Milwaukee, but all tool companies are doing this now.  They put safety systems in place so when the tool is working to hard, it shuts down.  However it will reset right away and you can go back to work, but it is a hassle.  This saw does seem to shut down rather quickly.  Actually most of the brands we have tested seem to shut down quickly.  I just wish Milwaukee would not have the threshold so low so I could run the tool a little harder.

Overall if you own the Milwaukee M18 set, this is a great addition to your tool collection.  Just remember this takes the XC battery which is the 3 Ah.  If your looking to do heavy work, I would by pass this saw and go with the corded version, 13 amp as nothing will stop that saw.

Sawzall Blade – The Ax – A Blade you have to see

If you have never used an Ax blade before, you have to check one out.  When I first heard about them, I didn’t think much of it.  Then we went to a Milwaukee event in Wisconsin and saw them first hand.  We even had a chance to play with them and cut some stuff up.  When we entered the tent, we were watching an infomercial on them and they were showing them in action against other blades.  Of course the Ax went through much better.  But seeing something happen and actually doing it yourself, well thats like night and day.  I picked up the competitors blade and went to town.  Not bad, just as I expected.  Then I used the Ax blade.  I have to say I was very impressed.  Not only was it faster, it was much smoother. One note to add, both blades were attached to the same Sawzall, so it was even.  I couldn’t believe how much this blade design made a difference.

After studying the blade, I saw there were five things that made this blade truly different.
  1. Engineering –  This blade is like no other blade on the market.  It is designed to not only cut efficient, but it is designed to last
  2. Nail Guard – The Nail Guard system is designed to protect the teeth when hitting nails.  The blade is a 5 tpi and the nail guard protects the teeth from breaking when hitting a nail.  That means during your cut, without teeth breaking, you have more teeth doing the work and a faster cut.
  3. Fang Tip – The range tip is designed to penetrate wood for plunge cutting.  While ordinary blades will bounce when trying to make a plunge cut, the fang grabs the wood and cuts right through for an effortless plunge cut every time.  Lets see another blade try that.
  4. Thicker Blade – The Ax has a thicker blade stock to it, so it can take more before breaking or wearing down.
  5. Taller Profile – The Ax blade has a 1″ profile to help reduce the twising effect when doing demo work.  You get more accurate and straighter cuts.
One thing I like best about these blades is that they are all made right her in the United States of America.  You can’t beat that.  If you haven’t tried these blades yet, you have to.  Trust me you will be hooked.

Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw


Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw

The Milwaukee reciprocating saw helped make the Milwaukee tool company famous.  You probably know this saw better as the Sawzall.  If you have ever seen a reciprocating saw test or review, you probably will see the Sawzall at the top of the list, such as this Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw.

A reciprocating saw is one of the “must have” power tools if you are doing a demo job.  You can rip through wood, different metals, plastics and more.  It is really up to you.  All you have to do is match the type of job with the rightSawzall blade.

After Milwaukee introduced their reciprocating saw, other companies  followed in their footsteps.  Milwaukee doesn’t own  100% of the market, but they do own a great deal of it.  We haven’t been able to find the exact percentages, but with using a little common sense, you can see most contractors and homeowners tend to favor the Sawzall.

We suggest taking some time to read through this site and others to learn more about the Sawzall.  We have tried to cover everything you might associate with this reciprocating saw, such as models, blades and accessories, but if you find something we didn’t cover, we would love to hear from you.  Also, if you have any questions, please contact us.




Question, what do Kleenex, Band-Aid, Skilsaw and the Sawzall have in common?  Answer, they are not just a product, but they are a product with a brand name.  These products have either been marketed correctly,  or been at the top of their product category due to quality.  People use the brand name to describe a full line up. For instance,people will use the Skilsaw when they are looking to cut wood.  Even if they are using another brand name circular saw, they still call it a Skilsaw.

Well the Sawzallis no different.  However, the Sawzall is famous for a couple of reasons.  First, it was the first reciprocating sawaround, so that always helps gets the name out there.  Second, the Sawzall is one of the top reciprocating saws around for sales, quality and dependability.  When you speak with another power tool enthusiast about a Sawzall, everyone knows your talking about a quality tool.  You may be asking what makes this saw so good.  Well, there are a couple of reasons.

When you pick up a Sawzall, you can feel the quality right from the start.  The balance of the Sawzall is incredible.  This type of tool is designed for demolition jobs, so as with most demo jobs, it puts a lot of stress on your arms and body.  The Milwaukee Sawzall has great balance, so the tool does most of the work.  The user doesn’t have to fight with the tool in order to get the job done.  They can let the saw do the work instead.  It is very easy to control.

Another reason this saw represents great qual;ity is the motor and the housing.  Milwaukee protects it’s tool with a strong housing and the bearing system that takes the punishment of the jobs instead of the motor.

Milwaukee also thought ahead with the design of these saws.  The chuck system and power system are all designed extremely well.  The power cord is a detachable cord.  As with most demo jobs, you are making cuts and debris are falling to the ground. Sooner or later you are bound to drop something sharp on the power cord and cut the cord.  With the Milwaukee Sawzall, you just turn the cord to unlock it and it will come off very easily.  Now all you have to do is pop a new cord on and you are ready to go.  You can do all this without having to open the tool to replace the cord.

The chuck system is one of the best systems around.  All you have to do is turn the chuck and insert the blade.  It is locked in place and will stay in place until the user wants it out.  With these demo jobs, the blades take a lot of punishment.  They bind, they bend, and more.  With the Milwaukee chuck system, the blade will always stay in place and not come out of the chuck system.  Also, even with lots of abuse, they will come out of the chuck very easily  after the beating.  They will not get stuck in the chuck.

These are only a couple of reasons the Sawzall is one of the best power tools around.  To really appreciate this tool, you will just have to pick one up and test it for yourself.  If you don’t own one, I am sure your neighbor or someone you know will let you take theirs for a test run.

Milwaukee Sawzall



The Milwaukee Sawzall is one great power tool.  Just in case you haven’t heard of this power tool, it a reciprocating saw.  A reciprocating saw is designed  for demolition.  Yes, you can cut pipe and other non related demo items, but it is more fun to destroy with this tool.

The Milwaukee Sawzall is known by all professional contractors and home users.  In fact it is so popular and well known, that the name Sawzall is a generic term for reciprocating saws.  Just as Band-aid is to bandages and Kleenex is to tissue paper.  The sawzall has gained much popularity over the years as a quality tool and friendly to the users.

Milwaukee offers 17 different models with this saw.  So it is easy to find the one that suits your needs.  If you need something for the occassional users, Milwaukee has one.  If you need for everyday use, Milwaukee has that too. 

Now if you’re a home owner, you might only buy one of these in a life time as it will last you.  I have seen Sawzalls over 20 years old that still pack a powerful punch to get the job done. 

As a professional contractor, its nice to know Milwaukee backs up this saw with a 5 year warranty.  They also offer 5 main cordless Sawzalls and three super Sawzalls.  The main difference is the amps, plus some other important features, but we can get into that later.  If you would like to see the full line up, plus a description of each tool, take a look at our Sawzall page and learn more about the cordless and corded version.  Milwaukee Sawzall

Sawzall Blades



We have to remember that the Sawzall provides the power to move the blade back and forth, but the blade is what does the cutting.  One important thing to remember is to match the blade to the application.  Milwaukee offers a bunch of different blades, but the three main blades are wood, metal and all purpose.

If your going to be cutting strictly wood, use the Milwaukee wood blade.  Obviously if your cutting metal pipes or something along that line, use the Milwaukee metal blades.  If your going to be cutting wood with nails or any other combination, take a look at the all purpose blades.

The main difference between the blades are the number of teeth and the size of the teeth.  Reading a blade is easy to do.  All you have to remember is the basic layout of the blades.  Wood blades have longer teeth and fewer of them.  A metal blade has smaller teeth and more of them.

You can visit our page on Sawzall blades to learn more about the different types of blades Milwaukee offers – Sawzall blades.

Milwaukee Accessories



Milwaukee offers a full line of power tool accessories.  Since our website is dedicated to the Sawzall, we will cover the most common accessories for the Sawzall.  You can see all of Milwaukee accessories at Remember to always wear eye, ear and head protection when using this reciprocating saw.

 One item you should consider is safety gloves or work gloves.  Your hands are the closet part of your body to your work, so it is only natural that you need to protect them.  You want to protect them against slivers or metal shavings getting lodged in your hands.  Remember, skin is soft and can be pierced very easily.

One item we would recommend is getting an extra power cord, called the Quik-Lok.  As we noted, this saw is designed mostly for demo jobs.  It is natural that items will be falling to the ground and its only a matter of time before they pierce the power cord.  If you have another power cord on hand, you can keep going.  You don’t have to worry about stopping work, going to the store etc. etc.  With the Quik-Lok feature, you just turn the power cord about half a turn and insert the new cord, its that easy.  Don’t get us wrong, the cord will stay in place until the user decides to take it out.  The Quik-Lok features holds the power cord in place even through some of the most trying times.

Milwaukee has other accessories related to this saw and we cover them in our pages.  You can learn more about some of the basic Milwaukee accessories at our accessory page – Milwaukee Accessories.

The Ultimate Reciprocating Saw!