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Milwaukee offers a wide variety of power tool accessories.  When you are using any power tool, but especially a demolition tool you need to always think of safety first.  You should always wear eye and ear protection, plus a hard hat.  You have to remember something could always happen that you are not expecting, so better to be prepared. 

Some items you might want to think about that would complement your Milwaukee Sawzall are work gloves and carrying cases.  Most of the Sawzalls come with carrying cases, but some prefer storage systems as they can provide easier access to the tool.  One great item about the Sawzall system is the Quik-Lok cord feature.  Again, when your doing demo jobs, it tends to be messy and a rough environment.  Milwaukee designed most of their Sawzall’s with a Quik-Lok feature which allows the cord to be changed very easily if it gets damaged.  All the user has to do is turn the power cord about a half turn and it will unlock letting the user attach a new power cord.

You can learn more about each accessory by using the links below.

Milwaukee Accessories

  • Word Gloves
  • Quik-Lok Cords
  • Storage
  • Pipe Clamp System
  • Carrying Cases

Milwaukee carries a wide variety of different accessories.  Below we have covered just a few of the more common accessories you will be using with the Sawzall.  There are a couple of items that are a given that should be used any time you use a reciprocating saw, such as safety glasses, hard hat and ear protection.

Word Gloves


Milwaukee offers a variety of work gloves and this is something you should invest in.  You want to protect your hands.  You can buy general work gloves, fingerless gloves, cold weather gloves and contractor gloves.  We have used these in the past and they do fit nice.  Some gloves out there seem cheap and don’t always fit perfect.  The Milwaukee gloves do seem to fit great and do the trick.  However, we haven’t used the Cold Weather gloves, so we can not comment on those.


Quik-Lok Cords


As you know, one nice feature for the Sawzall is the Quik-Lok power cord system.  If you damage your power cord, it is very easy to attach a new cord.  Milwaukee sells these cords in two versions.  A 2 wire double insulated cord and a 3 wire grounded version.  You can get an 8′, 10′ or 25′ cord.  If you plan on doing a lot of demo work, we would suggest buying an extra cord as you will damage the cord over time. 




Milwaukee has a lot of different options for storage.  They offer tool belts and buck bags.  One of the best is the Nylon contractor bag.  Again you can get this bag in different sizes.  So if you like to carry a smaller bag for just a couple of tools, they have it.  But if you want to carry your inventory, Milwaukee offers a very large bag.  They are strong bags and come with shoulder straps.  They are made from a 600 denier material.  One nice feature with the Milwaukee contractor bag is the extra pockets they have.  On the outside their is plenty of storage to get to the tools you use most often.  On the inside there is even more pockets to help you stay organized.

You can see the review of a Milwaukee Contractor bag


Pipe Clamp System


If you have ever tried to cut a pipe straight using a Sawzall, you know how difficult it can be.  Milwaukee created a tool to battle this and help the user create more accurate and straight cuts. 

The Pipe clamp system will hold up to 4″ pipes and is designed for their super Sawzall line of power tools. 


Carrying Cases


Most of the Sawzalls come with a carrying case, but just in case it didn’t, Milwaukee offers the  user the opportunity to buy a carrying case.  Also, if your case breaks, its nice to know you can replace it.  There are a couple different cases you can buy, so don’t just run out and buy the first case you see.  Make sure it fits.  In addition, they offer a metal and plastic cases.

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