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Milwaukee offers a wide array of Sawzall blades for their reciprocating saws.  If you have seen what this tool can do, then you know you need to get a good quality blade that will take a beating. 

They offer blades to cut through all most any type of material.  Now you need to match the blade to the type of work you will be performing, so let’s get down to some basics.  The blades come in different lengths.  Milwaukee offers 6″, 8″, 9″ and 12″ as their most common lengths.  Next is TPI or teeth per inch.  A good rule of thumb is the less number of TPI is designed for wood while a higher TPI is usually designed for metals.  Standard wood blades usually have around 6 TPI, general blades have around 8 to 10 TPI and metal usually have 10 and up TPI.

Another item you want to consider when buying Sawzall blades is what the blades are made of.  Milwaukee makes their blades from a variety of different material and processes them differently to meet the user’s needs.  Milwaukee’s Ice Hardened blade uses a cryogenic hardening process, while some of their all purpose blades are created using a traditional steel forming process.  They also offer other types of blades like Tungsten, but you can click on the links below to find out more about their Sawzall blades.

Sawzall Blades

  • Ice Hardened Sawzall Blades
  • Wood Cutting Sawzall Blades
  • General Purpose Sawzall Blades
  • Metal Cutting Blades
  • Specialty Sawzall Blades
  • Sawzall Blade Sets

Ice Hardened Sawzall Blades


Milwaukee created their Ice Hardened Sawzall blade.  This blade utilizes a cryogenic hardening process.  Basically this creates a hard Sawzall blade and will last longer then other blades. 


Wood Cutting Sawzall Blades


Milwaukee offers two types of wood cutting blades, the Ax Demolition blades and the standard general purpose blades.

The Ax Demolition blades are designed for cutting wood that has nails embedded in it.  These bl;ades are thicker and will not bend as easy as the all purpose blades.  The wood blades are all sloped to help the user with the cutting action. 

The general purpose blades are thinner than the Ax blades.  As with all their general purpose blades, these contain 8% Cobalt so they stay sharper longer. 


General Purpose Sawzall Blades

Milwaukee offers two types of all purpose blades, the Wrecker Demolition blades and the Standard general blades.
The Wrecker Demolition blades are a little thicker for heavy applications such as demolition.  They are designed for all purpose use to cut through wood with nails, plastics and any other application that requires a better and stronger blade.
The all purpose blades are the same as the metal all purpose blades.  They contain 8% cobalt to help keep these blades sharper longer.  They are made from High Speed Steel and are designed for wood with nails, plastics and more.

Metal Cutting Blades


Milwaukee has two types of metal blades, Standard metal blades and Torch demolition blades. 

The Torch demolition blades are designed for Fire and Rescue, demolition, plumbing or general metal cutting.  These blades are a little thicker, so they can handle more abuse.

The standard Sawzall blades are made from high speed steel.  These are an all purpose metal blade to cut wood with embedded nails, plastics and other general material.  These blades contain 8% cobalt, so they tend to stay sharper a little while longer. 


Specialty Sawzall Blades


Milwaukee offers over 13 different types of speciality blades for different applications.  They offer a high Carbon steel, Tungsten Carbide and high speed steel blade.  If you know you are going to be cutting a certain type of material, this allows you to better match your blade to your application.  One example of their speciality blade would be their wood blade.  If you know you are going to be cutting into green wood, these speciality blades have a deep gulletted teeth system to help cut through this wood faster.


Sawzall Blade Sets


Milwaukee offers a variety of different Sawzall blade combo packs.  If you’re buying your first Sawzall, you might want to consider buying one of these sets.  This will give you a wide variety of blades to start any job.  Usually the sets come with both wood and metal blades.  They also have different sizes in these sets.  Once you get a set, you can better gauge which type of blade you will be using more often.  One you discover which blade you use a lot, then you can stock up on those blades for the long run.

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