Question, what do Kleenex, Band-Aid, Skilsaw and the Sawzall have in common?  Answer, they are not just a product, but they are a product with a brand name.  These products have either been marketed correctly,  or been at the top of their product category due to quality.  People use the brand name to describe a full line up. For instance,people will use the Skilsaw when they are looking to cut wood.  Even if they are using another brand name circular saw, they still call it a Skilsaw.

Well the Sawzallis no different.  However, the Sawzall is famous for a couple of reasons.  First, it was the first reciprocating sawaround, so that always helps gets the name out there.  Second, the Sawzall is one of the top reciprocating saws around for sales, quality and dependability.  When you speak with another power tool enthusiast about a Sawzall, everyone knows your talking about a quality tool.  You may be asking what makes this saw so good.  Well, there are a couple of reasons.

When you pick up a Sawzall, you can feel the quality right from the start.  The balance of the Sawzall is incredible.  This type of tool is designed for demolition jobs, so as with most demo jobs, it puts a lot of stress on your arms and body.  The Milwaukee Sawzall has great balance, so the tool does most of the work.  The user doesn’t have to fight with the tool in order to get the job done.  They can let the saw do the work instead.  It is very easy to control.

Another reason this saw represents great qual;ity is the motor and the housing.  Milwaukee protects it’s tool with a strong housing and the bearing system that takes the punishment of the jobs instead of the motor.

Milwaukee also thought ahead with the design of these saws.  The chuck system and power system are all designed extremely well.  The power cord is a detachable cord.  As with most demo jobs, you are making cuts and debris are falling to the ground. Sooner or later you are bound to drop something sharp on the power cord and cut the cord.  With the Milwaukee Sawzall, you just turn the cord to unlock it and it will come off very easily.  Now all you have to do is pop a new cord on and you are ready to go.  You can do all this without having to open the tool to replace the cord.

The chuck system is one of the best systems around.  All you have to do is turn the chuck and insert the blade.  It is locked in place and will stay in place until the user wants it out.  With these demo jobs, the blades take a lot of punishment.  They bind, they bend, and more.  With the Milwaukee chuck system, the blade will always stay in place and not come out of the chuck system.  Also, even with lots of abuse, they will come out of the chuck very easily  after the beating.  They will not get stuck in the chuck.

These are only a couple of reasons the Sawzall is one of the best power tools around.  To really appreciate this tool, you will just have to pick one up and test it for yourself.  If you don’t own one, I am sure your neighbor or someone you know will let you take theirs for a test run.

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